Mark 3 Labeler




Instruments traceability
A packed instrument stays sterile for 30 days (60 days, in case of double envelope): it is necessary write on the envelope sterilization and expiry dates. For this reason De Marco developed Mark 3, a practical device that provides two lines printing labels with:

  • Sterilization date
  • Expiry date
  • Number of sterilization cycle
  • Number of the operator that manages sterilization process

On each label there is a steam indicator, that changes color after sterilization process: in this way the operator knows which instrument he sterilized and which not.

Labels have a double adhesive backing : at the end of every operation the operator should remove the label from the package and stick it on the patient’s personal file. In this way it is easy to know which instruments were use during every operation, guaranteeing they were sterile.

Mark 3 ink is non-toxic and vapor resistant.

Technical Data

Mark 3 is supplied with 1 roll – 600 labels.

Labels: Box with 3 rolls. Every roll holds 600 labels.

Ink roller: Box with 2 ink rollers.

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