Dental practice equipment, with guaranteed “Made in Italy” quality , from lighting fixtures to compressors, from sterilization control to air and water disinfection: De Marco only supplies its distributors with the best.

De Marco manufactures and supplies dental practice equipment and devices of certified quality, insured both on shipping and civil liability. Find out more!



Correct lighting in a dental practice’s operating room makes the dentist’s work less fatiguing, while improving the patients’ experience by helping them relax.

Discover De Marco’s ceiling lighting fixtures for dental practices!


Compressors power a dental practice’s whole host of moving instruments, from scalers, to drills, to syringes: their reliability is a fundamental element of the final quality of a dentist’s work.  Discover De Marco’s compressors for dental practices!


Controlling the actual sterilization level of tools is a fundamental need for dental practices; the right devices make it possible to combine this essential safety procedure with more mundane daily operations, such as warming anaesthetics and other substances.

Discover De Marco’s sterilization control equipment for dental practices!


Dental practices must insure a perfect disinfection from all forms of bacteria of both air and water coming into contact with the patients; and such operation must be completed without changing their color, taste or smell, for maximum comfort of the patient himself.

Discover De Marco’s air and water disinfection equipment for dental practices!

For any occurrence, from the slightest mishap to a sudden illness, up to a simple allergic reaction, a dental practice must be equipped with all necessary first aid equipment.

Discover De Marco’s first aid equipment for dental practices!

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