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De Marco: 46 years of experience, and more than 30 of direct market presence, spent supplying distributors with high-quality dental practice equipment with a top-level support and assistance service.

When supplying distributors with medical equipment, including dentistry devices, the first guaranteed feature must be absolute quality. Even while striving to maintain a competitive price level, customers need to be sold devices with certified, guaranteed performances, and with the reliability to ensure continuous operation. But this level of reassurance is not enough, and it needs to be paired with the guarantee of constant customer service, offered both to the distributor and to the dental practice where the equipment has been installed. While it is a fact that high-quality dental practice devices will give them a long, productive working life, free from malfunctions and breakdowns, it is just as true that any device will sooner or later need maintenance, whether with a simple piece of advice on regular upkeep or swift substitution of a damaged component: the timeliness of such intervention both impacts on the dentist’s everyday work and on the reputation of his distributor’s reliability. It is thus one of the distributor’s prime and fundamental duties to make sure that they are being supplied by a Company that can guarantee that level of assistance.

Ever since its founding in 1985, when it brought to the market the over ten years of experience matured in the field, De Marco has been manufacturing and supplying dental practice equipment distributors with Made in Italy products and devices of proven and certified quality, often creating new, exclusive technical solutions, and with an absolute service policy including

  • civil liability insurance on all devices;
  • shipping insurance on every device;
  • constant distributor protection, with a non-negotiable refusal to directly sell to dental practices;
  • a continuous endeavor to maintain a remarkable quality-price ratio;
  • swift and complete technical assistance on any issue, including telephone assistance and timely shipment of any documentation, material, or spare part required, both to distributors or to dental practices on their behalf.

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