Demair 203/4/Dry



Demair, an oil-free compressor series for dental cabinets. The advanced technology of every component, the high performance dryer system and the special inner tank painting avoid micro-particle formation and oxidation problems, assuring the best quality of the air for patient or calls for inspectors, dentist and his staff.

The model 203/4/Dry is suitable for four dental chair:  its double-cylinder motor assures an output of 203 liter of air per minute (53.26 gal per min), with a 50 liters tank (13.2 gal). A radiator with fan for moisture condensation, an automatic water drainage filter and a water collection tank compose the drying system.

203/4/Dry has a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years, that can be extend up to 5 years.

Technical Data

Tank: 50 liters (13.2 gal) D

ental chair: 4

Air output: 208 liters per minute (53.63 gal per minutes)

Voltage: 400V-3 ph

Noisy: 78 dB(A)

Dimensions: 47 x 65 x h. 90 cm (18.52 x 25.61 x 35.46 in)

Weight : 63 kg (138.89 lbs)

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