Demair 144/3



Demair, an oil-free compressor series for dental cabinets. The advanced technology of every component and the special inner tank painting assure the best quality of the air for the patients, the dentist and his staff.

The model 150/3 is suitable for three dental chair:  its double-cylinder motor assures an output of 144 liters of air per minute (38.04 gal per min), with a 50 liter tank (13.2 gal).

150/3 has a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years, that can be extend up to 5 years.

Technical Data

Tank: 50 liters (38.04 gal)

Dental chair: 3

Air output: 150 liters per minute (39.63 gal per minutes)

Voltage: 230/50-1 ph

Noisy: 74 dB(A)

Dimensions: 47 x 50 x h. 90 cm (18.52 x 19.7 x 35.46 in)

Weight : 52 kg (111.64 lbs)

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