Dentist FAQ

Have you found something among our products that you want for your dental practice? You can call us and we’ll refer you to our nearest distributor. But if you want some quick clarifications first, you might find some useful answers to the most common questions here!

– What happens if goods are lost during travel?
De Marco has a specific insurance policy with Allianz, which allows for reimbursal of 70-80% of the merchandise value, except deductible.

– Is there any protection in case a device is damaged during transport?

All the goods shipped by De Marco are covered by a specific insurance policy stipulated with Allianz, which covers exactly this kind of damage. While we don’t sell directly to final users, we may ship directly to their address, with the distributor’s agreement, to shorten delivery times, and accepting any suspiciously damaged boxes “goods unchecked” wil allow for later 100% reimbursal in case they are discovered to have been damaged in transport.

– Is there any protection in case a device causes damage to third parties?
De Marco has an insurance with Allianz covering civil liability for these cases, which will reimburse all incurred costs excecpt that of the device itself – which will be provided by De Marco directly.

– Can a final user buy directly from De Marco?
De Marco has a very definite policy with such cases: we will provide all technical information required, and state the listed price and any current special offers. However, we will not sell directly: we will ask the customer what distributor they usually buy from, and then contact the distributor directly, informing them of the customer’s interest. We never go around distributors, but we always provide a distributor from which the customer can buy any of our products.

– What delivery times can be expected?
DeMarco ships 92% of all ordered products within the third day from the order date.

– What are the warranties on De Marco Products?

Warranties on De Marco products are generically for one year. They are two years long for all compressors and Waldmann and Derungs Lamps.

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