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Dental cabinet is a working place with special needs: it is necessary to  provide a determinate quantity and quality of light, assure  its right diffusion and eliminate shadow zones and optical malfunctions. Providing the right visual comfort the dentist and his staff will improve their performances reducing the problem caused by wrong lighting such as stress, tiredness and headaches.

For all these reasons De Marco developed Elene, the dental ceiling lamp with a simple and charming design: it perfectly adapts to different ambiences and different styles. Suspension mounting and bidirectional lighting allow the best light diffusion in the dental cabinet, avoiding shadow zones, while high frequency electronic feed eliminates stroboscopic and flickering effects. Four 6500 K fluorescent tubes assure the perfect view of oral cavity respecting natural colors. The ceiling lamp surface is washable and it can be easily disinfected. Its structure was developed to prevent dust accumulation inside the lamps.

Elene complies with EN 12464-1

Elene respects electronic compatibility criteria EMC 2004/108, so it is possible to install in hospital environments as well.

Elene is suitable for rooms up to 16 m sq (172.22 ft sq).

Elene is also available as Elene DE with emergency device that, in case of black out, keeps one of the tubes on.

Technical data

Bidirectional light, 4 x 54 W

Light intensity: 1650 lux at 1 m (1650 lux at 3.28 ft)

Color temperature: 6500 K

Chromatic return index (CRI) > 90

Dimensions : 48 x 122 x 4.6 cm (18.91 x 48.07 x 1.81 in)

Weight : 14 kg (3.86 lbs)

Color RAL 9010

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