UV Water Disinfection For Dental Unit



Recent tests demonstrated that dental unit water system could be colonized by a lot of different pathogens: water stagnation during the night and inadequate maintenance of centralized decalcification systems boost microorganisms and algae grooving, that will cause biofilm.

The problem of dental cabinet contamination of water can be easily solve with Sterile Water the UV water disinfection: thanks to UV power, it is able to eliminate bacteria – legionella included – viruses, spores, fungi and algae, helping in the prevention of the biofilm development.

The water passes through a Teflon pipe, where a germicidal lamp with low pressure shock of mercury vapor irradiates it. Ultraviolet light destroys every microorganism without any change in water smell and taste. Sterile Water does not need any chemical additives or special maintenance.

The Laboratory of Clinical Analysis of I.R.C.C. Galeazzi of Milan University tested Sterile Water effectiveness. The tests confirmed Sterile Water is able to kill the 99% of water microorganisms. In addition, algaecide power avoids obstructions in dental chair instruments and the consequent technical assistance.

Technical data

It is necessary install Sterile Water basing on the maximum flow rate of water per minute: in this way you maximize the effectiveness of UV lamp. 12 month loans no credit check direct lenders provided for this product. The following model are available:

DM2: maximum flow rate 2 liters per minutes (0.52 gallons per minute). Sizes 10.4 x 4 x 23.5 cm (4.1 x 1.58 x 9.26 inches), weigh 0.8 kg (1.8 lbs). Connections 1/2”, 10 W lamp, maximum working pressure 7 Bars – suitable for single dental chair.

DM16: maximum flow rate 16 liters per minutes (4.5 gallons per minute). Sizes diam. 7.6 x 54 cm (diam. 2.99 x 21.28 inches), sizes switchboard 10 x 15 x 7 cm (3.94 x 5.91 x 2.76 inches) , weigh 4.5 kg  (9.9 lbs). Connections 1/2” M, 38 W lamp, maximum working pressure 8 Bars – model for the main water supply.

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