Steril Air Dema 7



Compressed air often smells and it could carry pathogens. The compressor sucks and compresses air, that is stored in the tank. Here air cools down and generates condense: the compressor tank becomes the perfect habitat for bacteria growing and proliferation. Steril Air Dema 7 is an ultra-filter that purifies compressed air, guaranteeing a bigger protection for patients and operators. Thanks to its borosilicate microfiber, Steril Air Dema 7 keeps the 99.9% of particles bigger than 0.01 μm, like bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores: the dentist will use “sterilized” air for every dental chair application.

It is easy install Steril Air Dema 7 at air compressed pipe. In order to maintain its effectiveness, it is necessary sterilized filter cartridge in autoclave at 121°C (249.8°F) every 2 months.

Technical Data

Sizes: 8 x 16.5 cm (3.15 x 6.5 inches) Maximum air flow at 7 Bar: 70 NL/min Connections: 1/4” Maximum working pressure: 8.5 Bar Maximum working temperature: 50° C (122°F) Maintenance: sterilize filter cartridge  in autoclave at 121°C (249.8°F) every 2 months Maximum filter cartridge sterilization cycles: 60

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