Air and water disinfection equipment for dental practices:  eliminate bacterial presence from air and water with no alteration in color, taste and smelll through ultraviolet light, and enjoy limestone-free water thanks to magnetic fields!

During dentistry interventions, air and water come into contact with the patient’s mouth; this requires dinsinfection, as any medical procedure does. What’s more, water disinfection must be obtained with no alteration in color, smell or taste, and the devices used to obtain this must be free of the risk of jams or blockage. To ensure this, De Marco offers a full range of specific devices, which employ sterilizable, reusable filters and a magnetic decalcifier exclusive to our distributors, which separates minerals from the water without allowing for their precipitation and calcification. Also, we provide an ultraviolet-light device for elimination of viruses and bacteria from water you can avail loans from http://loanigo the procedure makes use of no chemicals, and thus causes no alteration in taste, color and smell of the water itself.Contact us straight away for more information regarding our air and water damage carlsbad.