Manufacture, export and sale of dental practice equipment: ever since 1985, De Marco is a prime supplier for dentistry product distributors, combining top quality devices with precise and reliable customer service.

Distributors dealing in equipment for dental practices need to be in a position to offer dentists two essential features: on one hand, supplied devices must boast excellent quality, to allow for a smooth operation of the dental practice itself, with no stops due to malfunctions and breakdowns, while on the other hand absolute certainty must be guaranteed that, whatever difficulty may possibly arise, the original dentistry equipment supplier will be available to offer swift assistance and solve any possible issues, enabling the customer to return to their work within the shortest possible time, whether technical advice is needed regarding calibration or repairs, or quick shipping of a critical component is required for repairs.

Ever since 1985, when it was born of a ten-year experience in the field, De Marco has been manufacturing, exporting and selling dental practice equipment, ranging from lighting fixtures to compressors, from sterilization control to air and water disinfection devices, offering distributors both standard product lines and technical exclusives: all of De Marco's devices are proudly made in Italy and of guaranteed quality, and our customer service is wide-ranging and swift in assisting with technical advice, deliveries, insurances and warranties, before and after the sale. Working with De Marco means enjoying the assurance stemming from cooperation with a Company that has been giving complete satisfaction to customers every day for more than thirty years.

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Ceiling lighting fixtures for dental practices, for diffuse, uniform and relaxing lighting that helps patients relax and makes operations less taxing for dentists For best comfort of both doctor and patient, lighting in a dental practice’s operating room cannot be

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Compressors for dental practices: the device powering all dinamic tools, with a top level of hygiene and reliability! Compressors are the heart of a dental practice’s equipment, and they enable functioning for all tools and devices required for intervention, from

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Sterilization control devices for dental practices: the reassurance of effective sterilization and the convenience of using the same equipment to quickly heat anaesthetic, dental composite and root irrigation liquid! Dental practices need to periodically verify that the devices used to

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First aid equipment for dental practices, to allow for quick intervention in any case of emergency and ensure the highest safety for patients! Dental practices, like all other environments where medical procedures are implemented, must be equipped with the necessary

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Air and water disinfection equipment for dental practices:  eliminate bacterial presence from air and water with no alteration in color, taste and smelll through ultraviolet light, and enjoy limestone-free water thanks to magnetic fields! During dentistry interventions, air and water

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Calcification within water feed tubes is one of the primary causes of jams and malfunctions in dental drills. In order to avoid this, water must be decalcified constantly and thoroughly, to ensure a smooth and continuous flow. Discover De Marco’s

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